Look What Arrived From FedEx today!

Well this was a pleasant surprise I was scheduling some commercial photography shoots and I see the FedEx truck pull up. I was thinking what did I order that I forgot about? It was a box from Sony Alpha PRO Support. YAY.... I got a phone call about 6 weeks ago saying I was invited to the Pro Support and have been waiting for further response from Sony for more information. I'm excited this arrived today.


This is the Folio that was in the box I just can't wait to see what's inside.

There was paper work in the folder a very nice Sony Pro Camera strap and a Membership Card.

Here is some info on the service perks:

Expert Support

  • Dedicated Phone & Email Support
  • Monday to Sunday 7am - 4pm PT
  • 3 days repair turnaround time

Professional Enrichment

  • Invitation to special events
  • Evaluation Loaners (try before you buy)

Equipment Performing at its best

  • Repair Facilitation Loans if repair turnaround time is not met
  • Three camera and/or lens maintenance services
  • Covered Inbound/outbound shipping cost

I'm very grateful that Sony has started this Program. A few years ago I had my Sony A900 and the shutter died, I sent it to Sony for repair and they said it could take up to 10 days. And of course this happens in the summer at the peak of my busy season. I talked to a very nice representative at Sony and Said he would do his best to expedite the repair. I sent the camera overnight to Sony and pay for a rental camera, which was just another cost tacked on to the repair cost. I had rented another body from Borrowed Lenses and Received it and it had Auto Focus Issues. I didn't even have the camera for a day and called them and complained. They told be they would refund my rental if they could find anything wrong with the camera. So this is 4 days since my repair was sent to Sony, on the 5th day my camera was returned to me repaired. That is customer service. So back to Borrowed Lenses they told me they could not find anything wrong with the camera and told me I must have been using it wrong. After a lot of back and forth they still didn't refund my money the charged me for 3 days and only gave me store credit. It was a very bad experience. So I'm very glad Sony will now send me a loaner Camera or Lens if it is in for repair. Thank You Sony!

Here Is a Link to Sony Imaging PRO Support

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